Eureka is made up of a collection of experts that acquire and revitalize joint public and private sector housing properties to provide clean, safe and affordable housing to working class families and seniors.

Founded in 2001, Eureka focuses on identifying undervalued and undermanaged apartment properties. By renovating the spaces and putting a professional management team in place, we increase the property value, community appeal, while also providing affordable housing any working family would be proud to call home.

We currently manage over 9,500 units across the country, with over 3,600 of these units listed under the Housing and Urban Development (HUD)/Housing Assistance Program (HAP).

We attribute a great amount of our success to the exceptional daily work of our 100+ property employees. Company pride, employee education, training, and team involvement are key elements of our growth and operating strategy.

Our leadership teams qualifications and certifications put us at an advantage with many of our government agency partners. The designations inclusive to our team are CPA, CPM, CAPS, CAM, CPO, HCCP, AHM, TCS, FHS, SHCM and COS.